20 Aprile 2021
CCTV System improvement on River Cruise Ships
1 Luglio 2021

TARASEA is working to establish innovations in Yachting and Cruise operations 

Thank to a consolidated knowledge in Marine Industry we are supporting the best in class manufacturers and Our Customers to approach innovative technologies.

STADT Lean Propulsion® is based on a completely different architecture and revolutionary design, also for the most powerful crafts. An electric propulsion system that reduces service costs, weight, fuel, emission and waste, while freeing up space by its compact design.

A reliable and silent system with excellent performance, maneuverability and extremely long lifetime.

The new drive technology has been awarded several times and many ships are now sailing with the Lean Drive technology all over the world.



A complete system arrangement for Full Electric Propulsion

STADT provide a Turn Key Package that includes Main Switchboard, Propulsion Drivers, Electric Propulsion AC Motors, Battery System and relative Power Management System(PMS), IAS, remote access from shore, Dynamic Positioning(DP).

The System can be connected to any mechanical devices such as traditional line, azimuthal and pulling propellers.

The System can be integrated during Newbuilding and Refitting Projects.





Discover STADT Lean Propulsion Benefits, Applications and Cost effectiveness  








STADT Lean Propulsion Major Benefits are the reduction of Power Disturbance on Grid (THD), Electronic Components and their cooling, Risk Explosion, Waste Heat and Weight.

In general, all the mentioned benefits bring to Cost effectiveness, better performance and more applicability in a wide range of vessels.

In available configuration the Ship can sail by Zero Emission mode assuring a total environment protection in same restricted areas.

  • Silence by all means – increased comfort
  • Reduced NOx, SOx, BC and CO2 emission
  • Reduced cost and high redundancy
  • Scalability (power from 100 kW to 50 MW)
  • Fit any size of yacht