CCTV System improvement on River Cruise Ships

20 Maggio 2021
29 Ottobre 2021

TARASEA provided a system update to increase Ships safety standard      











By special wide view cameras installation we assure a constant monitoring in some hazardous areas of the Luxury River Ships.

Cameras were careful selected to match the Customer requirements considering the perfect integration in existing system and in Ships architectural environment.

We are strongly working to assure a high quality results blending Technical and Aesthetic point of view to achieve Custom satisfaction and Cost effectiveness.


Tarasea supplied a turn key solution from Case study to installation    









The Project started with Case Analysis based on Client requirements and continue by a turn key proposal including the follow competences:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Material supply
  • Cabling installation
  • Equipment installation
  • Testing, Start up, System improving on existing Ship Data Network and Commissioning 


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Aspired to Innovative Core Technologies, We are providing Surrounding System Interface.

Today, in a Marine CCTV System, an Outdoor  PTZ Thermal Camera is an essential equipment to assure a Safe Sailing.

We can easily offer different primary brands as FLIR, ISMART and OMNISENSE and Our Certified Engineers ensure dedicated support and training during the systems delivery. 


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