CCTV System improvement on River Cruise Ships
1 Luglio 2021
29 Novembre 2021

TARASEA is involved in Project Management       












As Electrical Systems Designer and Responsible TARASEA Team is following the building activities in every steps.

A traditional 24 meters Luxury Yacht is totally rebuilt keeping only the original steel hull.

Hull and Decks structure are already assembled and all electrical cabling and hydraulic pipes are done.

We are strongly working to assure a high quality duty by new technologies, focused solutions for Custom satisfaction and Cost effectiveness.


Works in progress   












TARASEA is responsible for system Design and Engineering starting from Main Electrical Switchboard to Hospitality users along the ship.

Lower and Main Decks are almost completed and We are ready to foreseen Light fixtures and Control panels installation.

The boat is equipped with KNX Building Automation System and We always recommend KNX Universal Communication Protocol as Open Source.


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Aspired to Innovative Core Technologies, We are providing Surrounding System Interface.

Programming, configuration and start up of more important and used Hospitality Automation systems.

Our Certified Engineers in major Universal Communication Protocols ensuring a safe systems delivery. 


For further information please write to:  sales@tarasea.com