Our tight partnership with ABB Marine permit to Design, supply and Install customized Home Automation System to manage Lighting, HVAC, Curtains motion system, Access Control and other applications in Hospitality Industry.

Every electronic parts will be assembled to be controlled by an architectural finished tactil panel.

HIKVISION high quality, innovativity and cost competitively permit to propose integrated CCTV solution for any Marine applications as Yachting, Cruise and Commercial.

The recent and innovative thermal cameras range of product is very interesting for body temperature survey and for constant health monitoring of Guests and Staff.  

We are LUMITEC brand Dealer which are know for innovation, high quality, performance and durability.   

LUMITEC product wide range are suitable for applications as Deck flood and spot lights, Utility and Navigation lights, External Down and Flex lights, Underwater and Docking lights.

They can be powered by 10-30Vdc and they can be managed in color and intensity by POCO digital control system; Deck and Utility series was developed in cooperation with US Cosat Guard. 

Our constant cooperation with ELCOM permit to design, supply and install dedicated Architectural LED Lights in huge different shape, brightness and colors.

Decorative, Linear and Points lights applications by high efficiency luminance assure a perfect result even in large indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our tight partnership with IALUX permit to Design, supply and Install Marine dedicated LED House and Architectural Lights in huge different shape and colours.

New ARIA linear system consist in a cylindrical element that can create diffused uplight and/or diffused downlight and it will be very interesting to replace old recessed or hidden lighting systems.

In Our most complex audio installations JBL Professional product range is the best solution to reach Customer satisfaction in terms of powerful, quality and durability.

JBL Technical Support is always and everywhere available to define any kind of requirement.

We are product distributor of Origin Acoustic high quality and performance loudspeakers.

In particular Explorer Collection is absolutely suitable and appreciated in Yachting Marine Industry thank to maniac part assembling and fine component selection which permit to assure a life time guarantee.

We are PEPLINK Dealer in Marine Industry.

A full smart and innovative product range permit to achieve LTE Signal reception and Wifi distribution in any Yacht and Ship.

Thank to affordable costs and high quality electronic components it is possible to give to the Owner or their Guests a fast and reliable Connectivity to improve comfortable sailing experience.

We are SONANCE and RUSSOUND Audio Equipment Dealer.

Indoor and Outdoor Loudspeakers high quality and Control system are extremely flexible and usable in Audio/Video system integration.

They permit a full integration in WiFi Network and Contents Management in every Rooms, Lounge and other Venues by streaming or shared sources.

Our tight partnership with GLOBALVIEW UK permit to Design, supply and Install an intelligent and innovative VesselWatch software that expands the capabilities of recommended two-way radio or smartphone internal communication system.

Every Smart Applications will help Customers and Staff to work much more efficiently and safety ensuring maximum comfort for Guests.

We are ALDABRA official dealer for Marine Industry. The innovative product lines combines traditional materials such as stainless steel and aluminum with new generation polymers and nanotechnologies in the perfect combination for reliable professional electronics and high efficiency LEDs

Dedicated solutions designed specifically for the nautical sector that allow a total guarantee against the ingress of water into products as well as resistance to sea salt and bad weather.

High quality components, innovation, very careful and certified tests performed in laboratory and available Technical Support assure a durable and reliable applications for OUR New building and Refitting projects.

The strong partnership with ZENITEL Bu Maritime & Energy allow to provide Turn Key solutions for Public Address, Talk back and Intercom, PABX / VOIP Phone systems.

Updated Innovative technologies bring these Life systems on the top level with reference to Safety, Efficiency and Comfortably for Clients, Guests and Staff usability.