TARASEA proposes ABB Smart Electrification systems

TARASEA presents FACE TICK – Biometric System
14 Ottobre 2020
TARASEA is LUMITEC Dealer in Marine Industry
3 Dicembre 2020

TARASEA provides Recharge Station for Electric Vehicles    

Today Our consolidated partnership with ABB Marine and Energy allow to suggest innovative solutions for Hospitality Service improvement in general.

ABB Electrification strong experience, up to create a FORMULA E Championship in partnership with FIA, assure a unique knowledge and reliability in the Industry.








Terra AC Wall Box technical features

  • Single phase Power up to 7,4 KW/32A adjustable to 6 KW for usual Home Power Supply network integration  
  • Power supply cable of 5 m length with Type 2 connector and socket
  • Installation on floor stand if necessary 
  • Dynamic Load management, overload, over voltage and under voltage protections, ground trouble detection 
  • Indoor and Outdoor applications thank to certified protection grade IP54 and IK10
  • Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wifi connectivities 
  • Smart functionalities available as configuration, authentication and users access by Charger Sync App, Web portal and RFID cards








Recharge Station Benefits and Applications 

ABB Service connectivity are easy to use and permit the Recharge Station remote management by working sessions and status monitoring, failure and trouble detection, users authentication and access control setting groups and priority

Device equipment is essential to satisfy the latest Owners, Guests and Visitors requirement.

They can be provided for Residences, Holiday Homes, Hotels, Hospitality and Entertainment buildings, Yachting Marinas Clubs and Parking areas in general, Company and Production sites


For further information please write to:  sales@tarasea.com