TARASEA designed Innovative and Elegant Intercom solution

TARASEA is LUMITEC Dealer in Marine Industry
3 Dicembre 2020
26 Marzo 2021

TARASEA provides VOIP for Luxury Yachts and Cruise Ships   



Thank to a consolidated partnership with ZENITEL Group we have developed innovative solution that merge internal communication system as Public Address, Talk Back and Phone.

All these powerful communication platform allows all voice communication systems to meet on a single Data Network and to be operated from a single device. In addition, it allows all those different communication technologies to be the voice and ears of the overall security system. Thanks to its open, modular design and scalable architecture, We can tailor the system to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.





A complete Product range for a smart and easy system integration







Mainly We defined in a preliminary Turn Key Package the devices suitable for every situation:

Indoor recessed or surface mounting Master Station for Wheelhouse, Engine Control Room and Staff Living Room

Phone Video Desktop for Guests Living Rooms

Stylish Audio or Video Outdoor IP66 Turbine Station for Gang way location

Industrial IP66 Turbine Station for extreme environment as Engine Room and Mooring Decks


Discover OUR VOIP Intercom Benefits and Applications 

Zenitel Mobile App extends IC-Edge system to any mobile device. This gives the convenience to be on the move and still available for  visitors or re-act to security events. From the app it is possible to make and receive calls, view video and open doors. It is free to download from Google Play and Appstore.

OUR Intercom System will be always warranted by a strong Manufacturer, dedicated engineering, experienced Commissioning Team and Worldwide technical support.

Zenitel Vingtor-Stentofon CCoIP® (Critical Communication over IP) implies the employment of VoIP applications required in critical situations. The main security mechanisms used are restricted management access, separate management interface, internal firewall, integrity check (MD5), virtual LAN (IEEE 802.1Q) and network access control (IEEE 802.1X).